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March '19 Reviews

The Glass Spare by Lauren DeStefano, review by Wei Li

Set in a world similar to Earth but medieval, electricity is created through hydro and wind power. Curses exist, so you can go to your nearest magician and order one. It's about this king with three kids. The mother wanted a girl and she finally gets one, but she is kept hidden from the kingdom. In the kingdom she works as her father's spy and gets ingredients for her brother's alchemy projects. Then she finds out about the curse. When she can't pay a dealer, she ends up touching him and her turns into rubies. She can't control it, killing her brothers. She is banished from the kingdom. The story is about her surviving and meeting people in a new kingdom, preventing war and undoing her curse,

Rated: 5/5 crystallized plants "Tiny bit slow at the start but really good" 

Leah on the Offbeat by Becky Albertalli, Review by Eva 

This is by the same author of Love, Simon. It's about his best friend Leah. They're going to graduate soon. She bisexual. She can't talk to Ally because she likes her and she feels awkward. They're going to the same college so they decide to go on a road trip together. Abby has a boyfriend but she breaks up with him because he doesn't want to do long distance. Mick is depressed and drinks a lot. On the road trip Leah feels really uncomfortable until she ends up having fun and then Ally suddenly kisses her. But then she finds out Ally is only experimenting. She's upset because she stole her first kiss.

Rated: 5/5 Kisses "really good"

Carry On: The Rise and Fall of Simon Snow by Rainbow Rowell, Review by Bella

This is really, really, really good!
This boy gets into magic. It's basically Harry Potter but really complicated. Now I'm reading Fangirl which is connected. The sequel, Wayward Son is coming out soon, I can't wait!

Rated: 5/5 magicians "I like reading books with vampires, magic and monsters in them"

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas, Review by Eva

It's going to become a movie so I thought I better read it first. It's about a 16 year old girl who has a friend who is killed by police officers. It's a really emotional book.

Rated: 4/5 basketballs "I recommend it for anyone wants to read a powerful book. It made me cry my eyes out"

Wonder by R J Palacio, Review by Maria

I started reading Wonder in grade 5 with my class, but I wasn't there for the end of it so I got the urge to finish it when I got it for Christmas. It's about a boy with a disfiguring illness who entering school for the first time.

Rated: 5/5 Ice creams. "I liked how carefully it was written with different perspectives."

City of Bones: The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, Review by Ciena

Clary finds out she is a Shadowhunter when her mum gets kidnapped. The book is about finding her mum and learning about the world of shadows. There's a war going on and this man Valentine, a rogue shadowhunter, is after the Down Worlders.

Rated: 4.5/5 Runes  "It's really exciting"

The Girl With All the Gifts by M.R. Carey, Review by Caitlyn

This book is very intense, I'm about halfway through. It's about this girl Melanie who is ten. She lives in this facility with other kids who are kept in cells. Everyday they have classes but they are strapped into wheelchairs and can't move. You're wondering why for the first few chapters. Then you find out there has been an infestation, and these kids have responded differently.

Rated: 4.5/5 Greek Myths "Kind of emotional, not sad as such, more intense"

The Hundred-year-old Man Who Climbed Out of His Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson, Review by Kalani

This book is interesting but not super action packed. It's set back in Sweden in 2005. A hundred-year-old man, Karlsen, has his 100th birthday, but he doesn't want to stick around for it. He climbs out of his window and walks to the bus stop, stealing a man's suitcase as he boards the next bus. He doesn't know that the man he stole from is in a gang. There are flashbacks to his childhood and to Russia where he talks to the tsar. Flashbacks of the Russian Revolution, of his dad dying when he was 9. He lives by the quote: "It is what it is and what will be will be." You learn about his experiences of working in a glycerine factory, then of making explosives. He lived through the Spanish Civil War and worked on the US nuclear project. He has dinner arranged with Stalin and meets the half-brother of Einstein, Herbert.

Rated: 5/5 Centenarians


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February '19 Reviews

Floored: When Seven Lives Collide: A novel by Sara Barnard and Holly Bourne, Review by Wei Li

 This book is written in six perspectives, changing with each chapter. Each character is between 14-15 years old and are completely unconnected. They are brought together over the death of a man in an elevator they shared and every year they come together over his death. The book is about their journey from being complete strangers to dating and friendship and becoming the only people they can really rely on.

Rated: 4/5 elevators "Really interesting"

By the Time You Read This, I'll be Dead by Julie Anne Peters, Review by Sasha

It's about a girl who has tried to commit suicide several times. She finds this website called "Through the Light" which tells you when you should die. She meets a boy with cancer and he teaches her to appreciate the life she has.

Rated: 4/5 Rats "I read this twice because it's really good"

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, Review by Sam

It's pretty much about this guy who spends his whole life not being able to conceptualize his own strength. He gets put on trial for strangling a woman he tried to hug.

Rated: 3/5 Mice "A bit boring at the start but it gets better"

Sweet Damage by Rebecca James, Review by Maria

This book is about a guy who lives with his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend. He moves out of there and into a mansion with this girl housemate who cries in the night. Then one night he realizes a person was in his room which creeps him out. He ends up finding out about her violent past.

Rated: 4.2/5 Psychos "The cover is a bit creepy, probably for 12+"

One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus, Review by Nika

It's about four people from four very different crowds. It's set in an American high school with lots of different cliques. They all end up in detention. The "weird" one ends up dying when peanut oil is mixed into his water to poison him. The others have to figure out who did it.

Rated: 4/5 Peanuts "It's a mystery. All this weird stuff happens and you have to interpret it. Really interesting"

Nerve by Jeanne Ryan, Review by Natasha

This is also a movie which I really liked. There is this social media player/watcher game where people have to do dares and they can get really crazy. The main girl meets this guy and they start going dares together. They gain points for each dare. They start to get increasingly dangerous and crazy, and they can't leave the game because the game has all their personal details, bank accounts etc. and is tracking their loved ones.

Rated: 4/5 Player Points  "It's pretty good book"

A Monster Calls: A Novel by Patrick Ness, Review by Ciena

It's about a boy called Connor. Outside his house there is an old Yew tree overlooking the cemetery. At night it turns into a monster and says he'll tell him three different stories.Each is a lesson and they all relate to his life, mostly about being bullied at school about his sick mum. He ends up having to live with his grandma.  The book is about him learning to cope.

Rated: 4.5/5 Yew trees "The bullying gets really annoying, just the way that it is written, but overall really good"

Heart of Thorns by Bree Barton, Review by Bella

It's about this girl who lives in the kingdom. Both her and her sister are betrothed and she wants to run away with her but her sister won't leave. Her and her husband get attacked at the weddings and are forced to run away. She finds out she is a creature and is being hunted down. She has the power to take and create life.

Rated 4.5/5 Gwyraches

Blue Moon: The Immortals, Book 2 by Alyson Noel, Review by Eva

This is a really weird book. There's this immortal guy Damian who has been around for six centuries. He looks 21. He keeps meeting this girl Ever, but she has a different name each time, she re-incarnates. In the 21st century she figures out he is immortal and he has to turn her immortal too because of his murderous, immortal ex-wife who is always hunting her. Then a new guy, Roman comes to school. Roman wants to kill Damian, but Ever saves him She has the antidote, but Roman says she has to add her own blood for it to work, she trusts him, so she does. Damian is saved but there are terrible consequences...

Rated: 2.5/5 Antidotes "It's really weird, sort of funny too, the plot and the characters are a bit stupid"

The Choice by Edith Eger, Review by Caitlyn

This is an autobiography. It's basically about Edith's life through the holocaust and how she got through it. Then it explores her life as a psychologist afterwards and how she deals with it, her coping and healing. It starts from when she is about 16 up until she is 60 so it spans a lot of time. She has to learn how to live again. She talks about reuniting with her sister, her marriage and divorce, then marriage again to the same guy. There is a part where she talks about the stories of people she has helped in her career, how their stories are different but sort of the same.

Rated: 4.5/5 Psychologists